Va rog ajutati'ma,sunt la pamant cu lb.engleza:)) Have you got acting talent?Get into groups of 4-5. a) Choose one of the adverbs of manner below. (Uitati exemplele: carelessly,fiercely,tenderly,delicately,gracefully,thoughtfully,dramatically,hurriedlyy,vigorously) b) Take turns to mime actions your group asks you to in the manner of the adverb you have chosen. C) Can the rest of the group guess the adverb?



A...invata frate engleza ca nu o sa faci nimic in viata
E un ex. de lucru pe grupe - trebuie sa mimati actiuni (la alegerea voastra) in maniera adverbelor date :
carelessly - fara grija, nepasator, fiercely - in mod fioros, tenderly - cu grija, delicat, delicately - delicat, gracefully - gratios, thoughtfully - ganditor, precaut, dramatically - in mod dramatic, hurriedly - cu graba, in fuga, vigorously - viguros, energic