Hy mom!
Hy Sam! how was school?
it was awesome! 
why? you've never said that school is awesome?
well, the teache ask us something at math and i was the only one that knew the answer. it was super hard, but i understood, so Miss Smith gave me an A
woow, congrats, i'm proud of you. go and change and after that come and eat something. I've made meat pie, and because you tok an A I will make you some pancakes.
thanks mom. 
go and change your clothes and don't wastethe time!
Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
-Hello , mum!
- Hello , my dear. How are you?
-I'm fine , thank you..And how are you?
-I'm fine too . How it was at school?
-It was a little tired , but Ok. 
-What about math?
-At math we worked ver difficult exercices. But I understood them.
-Very good! 
-Hi dad!
-Hello! How are you? 
-I'm fine. I had a great day at school. I didn't told you but I had good marks at french. I really like this language. 
-We know that you love french.
-What about Ken? Where is he?
-Your brother is in his bedroom. 
-Look , dear, He came.
-Hey! How are you , sis'?
-i'm fine. I thought that you are out with your firends.
-No. I have to learn at geography. We're having a test tomorrow.
-Ok. Good luck!
-Hope that I'll get a good mark.
-Ok , now. Let's go and have dinner...
multumesc mult!!!!!ma-i ajutat foarte mult . cred ca iau un zece pe dialogul acesta !!!! multumesc mult !! se vede ca nu-i copiat de pe net !
cu placere :))). sper ca ai luat 10 :P