Salut! Ma ajutati va rog si pe mine la engleza?
Trebuie sa fac un exercitiu dar nu se prea primeste.
Write sentences according to the model:
Model: There is somebody in the room.
Is there anybody in the room?
There is nobody in the rum.
1)There must be somebody to show us the way.
2)I've heard something aboud this event.
3)We can do something to help the situation.
4) Somebody said, "I'm sorry."
5)We've got something new for our project.
6)The baby wants something yo eat.
7)Somebody else will find it out.



Cred ca trebuie sa faci ceva de genul.....
1)Is there anybody?
There must be somebody .
There is nobody in the room.

2 Is there anybody to show us the way?
There must be somebody to sh...
There is nobody to..... 

sory ma ajutat mai mult:*
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sa scriu mai mult :D
Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
1)Must there anybody to show us the way.?
There must nobody to show us the way.
2)Heard i've anything about this event?
I've heard nothing about this event.
3)Can we do anything to help the situation?
We can do nothing to help the situation.
4)Said anybody, "I'm sorry"?
Nobody said,"I'm sorry".
5)Go we've got anything now for out project?
We've go got nothing now for out project.
6)Wants baby anything yo eat?
Baby wants nothing yo eat.
7)Else anybody will find it out?
Nobody else will find it out .
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