Buna ma puteti ajuta si pe mine la 2 exercitii la engleza.Exercitiile sunt urmatoarele: 1.Sort the time adverbials into groups accordind to the form of the present tense with wich trey are ussualy used: always;now;currenlty;never; now and again;often; at the moment; on Thursdays; for the time being ; every day.La acest exercitiu trebuie sa puneti adverbele la timpul potrivit. 2. Choose the correct word: 1) He wanted to know..... I told him the truth. a) then b) therefore c)so 2) I last went to the cinema three monts.... a) ago b) later c) since 3) I'm going to tidy my room..breakfast. a) to b) after c) by.Aici trebuie sa scriem cuvintele corecte.



1) present-never, allways, currently,often
present continuous-now,at the moment
2)he wanted to know so i told him the truth
i last went to the cinema three monte ago
i`m going to tidy my room after breakfast

nu este completa rezolvarea .
la prima nu stiu la toate , scz :(
Ok mersi
poti sa ma mai ajuti la 2 propozitii la fel?
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Present simple - always, never, now and again, often, on Thursdays, every day (arata actiuni repetate); present continuous / progressive - now, at the moment, for the time being (arata actiuni care se intampla acum/ in momentul vorbirii ) Ex.2 - 1c; 2a; 3b;