Write down some sentences on these:
A) the thoughts of an elephant in a zoo
B)a conversation between a sheep and a pig on the fărm
C) a short account of the day-to-day life of a mouse living in your kitchen.



A. " I don't like here. There's so much people and I miss my family, I may fiind a way to escape. " 
B. Pig: - Hey sheep.
The sheep: Hey pig.
The Pig: Can I tell you something?
Sheep: Of course you can.
Pig: I fiind your life difficult, beaucuse the sheeps have a lot of fur, and what would you do in the summer, when the weather is so hot? And you, sheeps, can easily atract the wolfs.
Sheep: Yes, we have a lot of fur, but it can be cut by the shepherd. And, yes, we can atract the wolfs, but the shepherd protect us. So we are not alone !! That man protect us.
C . The mouse is living in our kitchen four weeks ago. At first, he made a hole in our wall and make from this hole a nest. Next, he bring her wife and then they made babies. Their life are easy, every day they only eat and sleep.