Salut as vrea sa ma ajutati am un exercitiu kam greu va rog cum trebuie de facut
exercitiul este acesta (report the following )
1.Don't be late,otherwise you'll miss the film''-the teacher said.
2.She said:''This actor has played different roles in different films''.
3.He said:''I never watch black-and-white films
4.She said:''Are black-and-white film produced nowaday?''
5.Mum said:Don't worry.We will go to the cinema nexr week''.



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
1. The teacher advised us not to be late or we would miss the film.2. She said that that actor had played different roles in different films. 3. He said he never watched b&w films. 4. She asked if b&w films were produced nowadays. 5.Mom promised we would go to the cinema the following week.
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