Change to the plural :

It is a beautiful dress .
The glass in on the table .
The baby is in the bedroom .
It is a tooth .
You are a nice child .
She is a hemowork .
It is a leaf .
It is a monkey .
It is a deer .
It is a bird .
That is a knife .
This is a monkey .
She is a nurse .
Thath is a tooth .
She is a singer .
It is a quitar .
This is a bicyche .
He is a magician .



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
They are beautiful dresses.
The glasses are on the table.
The babies are in the bedroom.
They are teeth.
They are nice children.
They are homeworkers.
They are leaves.
They are monkeys.
They are deers.
They are birds.
Those are knives.
These are monkeys.
They are nurses.
Those are teeth.
They are singers.
They are quitars.
These are bicycles.
They are magicians.

- aici trebuie sa observi ca in general se adauga termintia +s,es dupa caz, dar sunt forme de plural iregulate pentru substantivele cum ar fi tooth - teeth, child-children si substantivele care se termina in -f, -f se transforma in -v si primeste terminatia -es cum ar fi leafs - leaves, knife - knives.

Eu ti le-am dat acum mura in gura, dar tu trebuie sa le inveti!
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