It is the place where nature turns the man to take the energy it needs, but if it does not have what to offer, man will wither and, together with nature will suffer. If we do not protect our water, air, plants we will no longer be able to breathe clean air, we will no longer be able to feel the scent of flowers or admire living colour which nature offers us every day. How to protect nature is not just a simple question but an urge to do something. First of all you should no longer be cut trees.This will be achieved only if all people will be aware of the importance of the air we breathe. Throwing garbage to chance is another bad people make nature.The first wave of rain they take snowfall and road beds filled rivers making it impossible for the survival of small life forms that live in the depths. These are just some of the effects of human indifference.Even if adults go with indifference over the sufferings of our environment, we, the children, we can to attract attention and, through the examples provided by us, may we be able to save the planet. Each, at play, or excavation, must be careful not to throw garbage on the bottom, to selectively collect waste and not to destroy the green spaces. In the years to come, young generation, we must learn to love nature. You may not know, but nature cries when it is deserted by people. Stop with the mistakes, make nature to smile!
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