Complete the sentences using the past simple or the present perfect simple tense of the verbs. 1(you/ever/see).... a yak? 2 mark (last see)..... Jennifer three days ago. 3 they (already/check in)....... for the flight. 4. how long ago ( the bus/leave)....? 5(you/write)........ your diary yet? 6. i (just/hear).....about the fire. 7. their plane (land)..... at 6.45 this morning. 8. we (not/speak).... English since we (arrive)...... Va rog ajutati-ma!!!!! va pwp!!!



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1. Have you ever seen 
2. last saw
3. already checked in
4. did the bus leave?
5. Did you write
6. just heard
7. landed
8. did not speak, arrived
am inteles ms mult
pentru putin
esti o scumpa sau scump
gen feminin, multumesc :)
npk, scumpo