I had been to Paris twice
I was at a party last night
I have never seen this movie before
I go to school every day
I will call you tomorrow
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PAST PERFECT: had+ past participle ( vb-ed/ forma a3a)
Lucy had finished her homework since 6 o'clock.
Time expresions ex: already, just, since, for etc.

PAST SIMPLE: vb-ed/ forma a2a
She went to the doctor yesterday.
He opened the gift.
Time expresions ex: last week/year/day, ago, yesterday.

PAST CONTINUOUS: was/were +vb - ing
We were playing in the garden when it started to rain.
Time expresions ex: while, when, as etc

PRESENT PERFECT: have+ past participle
I have known him for 2 year.
Time expresions ex: For, since, just, recently

I read every day.
Time expresions ex: usually, often, always, everyday.....

We are thinking about going in holiday.
Time expresions ex: now, at the moment, at present. ...

FUTURE: will+ vb infinitiv
I will go to school tomorrow.