Buna! Am si eu nevoie de o compunere la engleza in care sa folosim timpurile la trecut printre care: "come into contact", "to hear from", "to bump into","wake at", "to smile at", "cjat to", "to whisper to", "to whink at", "to shake hands", "to have meting with" Am un mic exemplu din carte: I bumpted my neighbour. She didn't see me so Iwaved at her and went to chat to her. She smiled at me and told me she was happy to see me. We didn't talk much because she have made an appointement with a doctor. So we shockj hands and I went to buy a envelopes..... Daca se poate in genul acesteia. Va rog mult, imi trebuie maine urgent..



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This year I came into contact with Sinology.
Do you know what Sinology is? Is the study of Chinese language and culture. I heard of it from a friend who went to study abroad in China. Talking on the phone with him and listening to what he had to say about all the chanllenges he was confronted with when he got there, I made a passion for everything regarding the Chinese. And that is how and why I applied for a Sinology course at my hometown University. 
I have to admit, I bumped into a lot of hard things to understand, as their culture concerning the letter, writing and counting is very different from ours.
But, in the same time, I enjoy stepping into this culture of which little we know.
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