What is the correct version?
1.Ian is very active. He is always out and about/around.
2.After the argument they both did their best to clean/clear the air.
3.I can't fin my keys anywhere-they seem to have vanished into thin/delicate air.
4.Matt is very determined to buy the cottage.He won't accept/take no for an answer.
5.They wanted to build a holiday resort here,but the owners of those beachfront cottages refused/denied to play ball.
6.They knew they would have to drive a difficult/hard bargain if they wanted to buy the house at a price they could afford.



1.around                                                                                                            2.clean                                                                                                            3.thin                                                                                                                4.accept                                                                                                          5.refused                                                                                                          6.difficult
2 5 2
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1. around.
2.clear the air
3.vanished into thin
4.take no for an answer
5. refused
6. hard bargain.
4 4 4