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Ann joined the tennis club a month ago.
sunt mai multe, (10 past simple , 10 past continuous)

He always went fishing with his granddad when he was a chilf.
First he had breakfast and then he left for work.
Where did you spend your summer holiday?
They ran to catch the bus this morning.
My favourite football team won the World Cup last year.
Tom bought a new computer last week
Liz got home and then cooked dinner
Do you know why she left her job ?
How long is it since she moved to Spain .

At 8 o'clock this morning they were having breakfast.
He was drinking coffee while he was driving.
She was listening to music while she was cooking a cake.
Susan was driving to work when she got a flat tyre.
While Fiona was cooking dinner, I was doing my homework.
Beth was studying while her dad was washing his car.
Jason and Katie were playing from 10 am until 12 pm.
At 8 pm last night, Tony was cooking dinner while Eric was watching TV.
While Dora was planting roses, Bill was washing the red car.
She was walking in the park all day yesterday when a dog attacked her/
care e cu past simple si care cu continuous/?
primele 10 sunt past simple si restu continuous