Present Continues - Ask questions to the underlined word.
1. I am writing a better, now. Cuvant subliniat-->a better
2. She is listening to the radio. ---> to the radio
3.My mother is cooking in the kitchen, now. ----> in the kitchen,now.
4. She is was hing the car because it is dirty-----> because it si dirty
5. Father is playng football with the children.----> with the children.
Va rog.



1.How are you writing now?
2. What he listening?
3. Where is cooking your mother?
4. Prpooziţia nu e formulată corect.(verb prezent/trecut)
5. With who is playing father football?

P.S. Nu-s chiar corecte propoziţiile formulate.
1 what are you writing? 2 what she is listening? 3 where is your mother cooking ? 4 why she was hing the car? 5 with ho is playng father football?
Acolo sigur nu era better. letter. ..aducă a scrie scrisoare....sper sa te ajute traducerea