Listen to what the peoplein the pictures say and fill in the missing words: is a bus-driver. He's British. are pilots. They're French.
Hello. I'm Dave Porter.
........36. I'm from London.
Good morning, ladies and gentlmen.
Welcome aboard. We..... Claude and Alain.
....... woman is a nurse. She's American.
Hi. My name is Betty Smith.
I'm 28. I'm........ Washington DC.
.......women are singers. They're Italian........ everybody. Giulia and Gina are here to sing for you tonight

in spatiile punctate trebuie sa completati cu un cuvant. va rog sa ma ajutati



Acesta e un ex de ascultare de caseta!!! Fara textul audiat, e cam greu. Ne putem doar imagina ce intra in spatiile acelea. This/ that These / those I'm are This / that from These/ those Hello
da .... pt ca doamna de engleza nea spus sa ne imaginam noi
ca nu avem caseta