1)Look at the picture of the rainforest and find the things below.The things are a bee, some medicial plants, a turtle, a monkey, a bow and an arrow, some grubs and a blowpipe Which of them would you use to survive in a tropical rainforest and how?

2)You were in a plane thet crashed in the rainforest and it may be some time before you are rescued.On board, you find the articles below(tablets, whisky, matches, string, newspaper, penknife, magnifying glass and a radio).How could you use these articles to survive, using the words in the box below to help you .



1) I would take the bow and the medical plants because in the first place, the bow and arrow can help me hunt down the wild animals and get food and defend myself. In the second place the medical plants are good to take because they have curing effects and if you know how to use them, they can save your life.

2) First of all, if you want to survive in a rainforest with the given items you should use them carefully and properly. the tablets are good if you have a headache from the crash or any other internal wounds. On the other hand, the matches and the newspaper can be used to light a fire to signal that your plane crashed and survive until the help arrives. In case you run out of matches you can always use the magnifying glass to light up dead leaves and small pieces of wood.
  And more, with the bottle of whisky you can use it as an anestethic and sew your arm or leg using the string you found on board. 
  But, the most important of all, is the radio because with it you can try to talk to the local police and firemen department to come and rescue you as fast as they can.

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