The House in which I live has a big yard with many trees. The connection between the gate and the House is ensured by a cobbled alley. In the summer, around the waterfront, a dense grass, which resembles a well cared for carpet. Seen from afar, who live in the House brings the House of fairy tales. The character who gives life to my fairy Court is my dog, George. Cheerful and always in the mood for playing, my dear and precious puppy I encounter with a rain of lătraturi every time when I get back from school.

The cupboard in the corner of the room has a blue color. If you open wide the doors of the closet, the clothes as my smile brightly colored, beautifully arranged, multitask. Of all the clothes that are in the closet, the more I like a red frock, which as mother says, it makes the little Red Riding Hood Epistles. my colleagues have visited many times and have been pleasantly impressed by my house, but mostly from my room.