I have a clock you go at the school he want to be a tennismen she is a good friend we are the champions i am reading a book you are running for the competition he is eating pasta she is drinking juice we are playing outside we
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Prezentul simplu:
-I like to swim.(imi place sa inot)
-My favorite pet is the cat.(animalul meu preferat este pisica)
-The leaves fall from the trees in automn.(frunzele cad din copaci toamna)
-She usually cleans her bedroom.(de obicei ea isi face curat in camera)
-Mary loves her friends.(Mary si iubeste prietenii)
Prezentul continuu:
-I am working now,don't disturb me.(Lucrez acum,nu ma deranja)
-She is doing her homework in this moment.(Ea isi face tema in acest moment)
-Look!He is there!(Uite,el este acolo!)
-Now,i am trying to undestand why is she upsad.(Acum incerc sa inteleg de ce este ea suparata)
-It's raining.(Ploua)

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