5 propoziti cu cuvintele de mai jos:bland=trupa;show=spectacol;tired=obosit;need=a avea nevoie;stage=scena ca rog mult sa fie propozitile in engleza

the name of my band is Roxette
It was a mega show last night in the city
I am tired to run away
I need some food
my sister is singing on the stage


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The band will have the "Goodbye concert" next week
The show was awesome, but the ticket was a little bit too expensive
I've done my homework and i am very tired. All i need is a good long sleep
I need someone to help me with the equipment
the stage was too small for all 10 members of the band. 
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Next summer I'll go to see a show al aqua park.
I drove all day.And I would to sleep.
For to have a performance good in my favorite sport, I must to eate much fruits, vegetables and avoid sugar.