a.).List each time expression under the correct tense heading.

·two years ago
·in 1987
·last month
· so far
· yesterday
· since last year
· up until today
·at two o'clock
· fot the last three hours
b.) 1 este model: 1. I (have) .... three cups of tea so far today.
1. I've had three cups of tea so far today.

2. (you/ever/see).... a yak?
3. Mark (last see)...... Jennifer three days ago.
4.They ( already/check in)....for the flight.
5.How long ago (the bus/leave).....?
6. (you/write)...... your diary yet?
7. I (just/hear)...about the fire.
8.They plane(land)......at 6.45 this morning.
9. We(not/speak).....English since we(arrive)..... .

[Va rog,daca vreti sa ma ajutati, facet exercitiul corect!!]



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
2. Have you ever seen a yak?
3. Mark last saw...
4. They have already checked in....
5. How long ago did the bus leave?
6.Have you written your diary yet?
7. I've just heard....
8.The plane landed...
9.We haven't spoken(sau 'didn't speak', nu stiu sigur) English since we arrived.