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I have enough time to have a nap. I always make my homework Toghether we will make this work. I have only one wish. Is this the Wright floor? I hate eating cabbage. I wanna live a hundred years.
fata mea a dormit 12 0re aseara
dan câștiga 300 de lire pe saptamana
lui Sarah i a căzut noul telefon pe ciment
daca am putea trai pentru totdeauna...
Acum țin o dieta stricta, deci manac doar legume crude ca varza si morcovii.
It seems like I never have enough time to do anything.
You nearly got us killed, I'll never let you drive again.
I will always keep on the memory of you walking down the aisle.
My boyfriend and I want to live together for teh rest of our lives.
I am so hungry now I could eat a horse.
My daughter slept for 12 hours straight last night.
Dan earns three hundread pounds a week.
Sarash dropped her brand new phone on the concrete floor.
Only if we lived forever...
I'm on a strict diet now, so I only eat raw vegetables like cabbage or carrots.
Fiica mea a dormit 12 ore intregi.
Dan castiga tri sute de lire pe saptamana.
Sarei(presupun ca asa se articuleaza) i-a cazut noul ei telefon pe ciment.
Daca am fi trait pentru totdeauna...
Tin o dieta stricta acum, deci mananc doar legume crude precum varza sau morcovi.