1. Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple.
Last Sunday the Carter family ____ (go) camping in the countryside. They ___(find) a nice place by a river. Mr. Carter ____ (put up) the tent. After that they ___ (eat) some sandwiches and cakes. Then, Mr. Carter ___ (show) Sam and Pamela how to fish. Mrs. Carter ____ (pick) some flowers in the river. They all ___ (have) a very good time.

2. Put the verbs in brackets into present simple, present continuous or past simple.
The children are in the garden. They ____ (play) with the dog.
Ben often ___(meet) his friends on sunday mornings. Last Sunday they ____ (drive) to the beack and ____ (spend) all day there. Where ___ (be) Peter? He ____ (leave) for work a minute ago. When _____ (you/visit) India? Ten years ago. I ___ (like) it very much. Tom usually ____ (get up) late on Saturday mornings. He __ (wake up) early last Saturday beacause he ___ (want) to go the shops with my sister.



1.Went,found,put up,ate,showed,picked,had
2.are playing,meets,drove,spent,is,left,did you visit,like,gets up,woke up,wanted
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