Va rog!Ask questions to the underlined words:Eg: I had been sleeping for two hours.
How long had you been sleeping ?

a. He had only sent five e-mails when the computer broke.
b. We had been playing basketball since two o`clock.
c. We had been living in that flat for twenty years begore we moved to the house.
d. The children had done ten exercises before the class finished
e. My grandfather was very tired because he had been working in the garden
f. The doctor had been writing prescriptions all morning.
g. George had written ten English stories for the school magazine before he was given a literary prize.
h. She had known Mark for three years before she married him.



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
A. How many e-mails had you been sending?
b. How long had you been playing basketball?
c. How long had you been living in that flat?
d. When had the children been doing ten exercises? *aici nu sunt sigura*
e. Why was your grandfather tired?
f. When had the doctor been writting prescripitons? *aici nu sunt sigura*
g. How many stories had George been writting?
h.How long had she been knowing Mark?
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