Va rog sa imi faceti acest exercitiu va roog :3 .

Use the verbs in brackets either in the Present Perfect or the Past Tense, According to the context.

(never / visit) the United Kingdom and it (always / be) one of my dreams to see London. I (certainly / read) books and travel brochures about,and last month I (see) a very good documentary on TV. London (be shown) at its best, with all it has to offer the foreign tourist and I (be delighted) to admire the sights. I am sure I (never / see) a more beautiful place. I (tell) all my friends I am going to organize a trip to London and most of them say they would like to go. I (even / write) letters to some travel agencies a few days ago , asking for information about price, accommodation and other travel arrangements. I (not answer / yet), but as soon as I do , I'll contact my friends and see what come next.



I have never visited,it has always been,I have certainly read,saw,was shown,was,I have never seen,told,I even wrote,haven’t answered
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