I'm here later because I had too wait for the accident.
He wasn't at school because he went at her sister birthday party.
He left because his dad called him.
We stop the party because my parents are back home.
I can't do my homework because I forget my pencil at school.

The dog was there so I needed to bypass it.
The parents aren't home so let's go to the disco club.
My head was full so I took a break
I can't eat chocolate so I'm going in the garden to take some vegetables.
We are very excited to see the concert so we're going there this night.
I read a book so I got a ten
I was hot so I ate to ice-creams
It was cold in the morning so I took my coat.
I didn`t homework so I called my friend last night.
It is raining so wee are played chess.

The feather had torepair the car because it broke down.
I stayed at home because I was sick yesterday
We went in the park because the weather was fine.
I went ti the Zoo because the school was closed
The doctor came because Alex was sick.
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