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Unti are full of traditions, superstitions, customs that differ from Meleag to another. When you choose to organize your wedding you will definitely think are the most important traditions of this ceremony and it is the sequence of these habits, willing to follow even a few for guests enjoyment. comentarii1Share pub Download free voucher and change your tires Peugeot network! Weddings are full of traditions, superstitions, customs Meleag differing from one another. When you choose to organize your wedding you will definitely think are the most important traditions of this ceremony and it is the sequence of these habits, willing to follow even a few for guests enjoyment. 
wedding usually Traditions of Romanian weddings are numerous, some are specific to certain regions of the country, others are just borrowed from other countries. We have selected below the most important moments in a wedding and you expose them in their exact sequence. Let's start with ... inceptutul - marriage proposal 
Maybe today is no longer customary petition, but even a family dinner to announce the great decision that you took is required. It is good though that before all this man ask to marry the woman he loves in a romantic moment, unique, memorable, giving him the ring. Traditionally speaking, the groom had to go to the girl's parents and a peteasca, ask them permission to take their daughter to marry. 
Choosing godparents 
Umratorul step is choosing godparents. Traditional spiritual godparents are chosen, but not financially, but each chooses preferences. The role of godparents is a moral and spiritual for the bride and groom, the parents, the couple married us. The role of godparents you so financial side, they pay veil, candles and religious ceremony, but also the spiritual. Time was lost in customs, but were godparents who directs youth in family life, advised when they had conflicts etc. 

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After godparents were chosen is customary for the bride and groom to go to kowtow to them. Receiving or refusing to kowtow to nasi suggests an affirmative or negative response to the proposal that it makes the bride and groom. Nowadays kowtow is often replaced by a festive meal in the proposed sponsors are invited. 
How are the wedding party 
Dressing the bride and groom 
In Romanian tradition wedding groomsmen is started by going along with fiddlers at the groom's house. This should take place shaving groom symbolizing his passage from boy to man ststutul but nowadays groomsmen groom help how to prepare. Then the procession (bride and knights) go home godparents. Meanwhile the groom has a duty to buy and godmother of the bride's bouquet. Arrived at home godparents, godmother groom gives bouquet and they initially joined the procession, taking biscuits and champagne and go all in songs fiddler, the bride's house. Meanwhile bridesmaids and they came to the wedding and help it to prepare for the wedding, following the NASA to put the veil that has a duty to buy (not quite follow this habit of buying now veil bride usually buys whole outfit). This however comes at a time when many traditions are in opposition. Romanian groom now offering bridal bouquet, following to catch cocardele chest and then the groom's godparents, domnicoarelor of honor, in-laws, relatives and the rest of the guests (exactly in that order). Other traditions say that the groom should not see the bride to the altar ... Select the version you like best, in the condition in which plead for a second bride's bouquet is offered by the nose. 
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