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Hello, Mandy!
 I received your letter. I think it's great in Spanish.They have great museums and lots of places to visit! When you'll finish to visit them all, send me thousands of pictures! 
 Hope you'll write and come to visit me soon! I love you so, so, so , so much 
             With all my love ( your name) 

Sper ca e ok! ;)
Mii de scuze! =)))))
mda, nu e o foarte mare greseala la Dear , ca imi dadeam seama, oricum mersi mult :*
Dear friend,
I am wrinting you that letter to inform you that I'm moving on  with the period when I stayed at home and not going anywhere: no walkings ,no chatting with may friends.I'm bored to be alone,it's kind of depression.So, I make you a proposal:Why don't you try to let for a while the others and came at me to make me smile.I really need my best friend to be with me, to make me feel happy.
                                                     miss you, with love ypur best friend