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In my opinion, I think teachers shouln't give us homeworks because 7 hours of classes are pretty enough for a "14" years old pupil. First, those subjects are 6-7 a day during an entire week and we have to study very hard for each of them. Secondly , this subject with homeworks has a lil' problem. If we want to gain performances on a subject we should make some extra work which is THE HOMEWORK ITSELF! Third, lots of pupils don't ever open their notebooks to see the lessons and they have to do their homework because in that way they would learn something. I know there are pupils who don't make their homeworks either, but i'm not one of them! In conclusion, I agree but I also disagree homeworks! Dear teachers, we like having fun, not homeworks ! ( Daca simti nevoia, ajusteaz-o putin! Nu am numarat cuvintele, dar sper sa fie destule si sa-mi scuzi greselile neintentionate!) :*
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Sa cresti mare! Sper ca ti-am fost de ajutor! :D