Big house and lead-n-back
Real soles,
And go where leaves
-Silver wire and silk.


Her tail is bushy
But Keep chickens.


Santa comes on the path,
The coat in the back.


From Michael's garden,
Nettles under bushes
Came a ball of Velcro
To look for ants.
What is it, guess?


It has a fluffy tail,
Thief is and craftiness;
But woe is her tail,
When confronted with Spot.


Floating boat
On the sands, travelers!


Envelopes of sweet flowers
Strange of the morning.

Coloring is like a flower,
Body thin and small it is,
Fly summer plain,
Say what you may be.

Small but sturdy,
Back up
Bag burden
Take him to die.

It has very-tall neck
Feet long and about
If you want to give him a flower
It's hard to get it there.

What's the beast
What keeps the fire
And wash coat?

I think he likes hard macules
Every day I ask aloud
After all mac-mac-mac
Go to swim-n lake.

Fly-n above,
Black is
From tail to beak.

For the tail you board
It soon descolaceste
And you got venom.

Green Strap
The grass is lost.

What's beard
Yet not a man?

Nibble nuts and peanuts
Salt graceful
Bushy tail and is -
For a guess, once said!

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Her tail is bushy
But Keep chickens.

 Traducere: coada ei este stufoasa si mananca pui                                

Floating boat
On the sands, travelers!
(camel) Traducere: barca plutitoare, pe nisipuri calatoare!