dear frined hope you are good , i am writing you this letter because i wanna tell you about somethig that makes me angry. The polution in my city is very high , I can't take it anymore i'd even think to tell my parents to move because is horrible here . I wish I could stay in a country side like you and breathe fresh air . In my city are too many cars that poluate the air . I Wonder what I can do to stop the polution because it is unhealthy for everyone ..if you have any idea please tell me .

I forgot to tell you not just the cars are a problem , there is a terrible smoke in the air but i don't know what makes it . Maybe other people can get used to it  but i can't .

I relly need a vacation where i can't breathe some fresh air so I Wonder if I can come to you if there isn't any problems ..I will be very happy

with love

your friend Ted

Environmental degradation or pollution include altering the local environment, to the incompatibility with the normal metabolic process in living organisms.         Any material or substance introduced artificial biosphere, or that exist in natural conditions and causes negative changes in environmental quality is a pollutant. Factors pollutants quote: radioactive substances, chemicals (DDT, Pb, Cd, Hg), industrial oil waste and other hazards that alter water quality, debris drains, various organic residues, detergents, synthetic, derived from domestic and industrial activities then residual pesticides, organo, 'smog', irrational use of fertilizers with household waste spread on land, excessive amounts of animal and plant spraying wastewater, contaminated, from various indrustrii.              The issue of nature protection concern all countries. Among the objectives of nature protection are: rational use, conservation and restoration of natural resources, prevent pollution, conserve rare species, caves, declared natural monuments, protection of natural ecosystems, which has a means of recreation areas and toning physical and spiritual energy human.
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