Buna am nevoie de ajuor la acest ex
which two things do you:
1 detest your best friend doing?
2 avoid doing?
3 IMAGINE DOING when you are older?
4 postpone doing?
5 resent doing
P.S propozitiile trb sa aiba verbe la gerunziu



1.I detest my bestfriend lying to me. I detest my bestfriend hiding things from me
2.I avoid eating junk food. I avoid leaving my bed undone.
3.I imagine myself doing my job very well when I'll be older. I imagine myself doing tasty food for my family.
4.I postpone solving math exercises. I postpone telling my mother about the broken vase
5. I resent waking up early. I resent listening music very loud.
sper sa te ajute :D
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