Me: I'm from Romania, I came here for holiday with my family. I really love the city. Do you live here?
Ch: That's great. No, I don't live here, I'm from Spain. My uncle lives here so I came to stay with him for Christmas. I really love Christmas. What about you?
Me: I love it as well. Buying gifts for my friends, making snowmen and spending time with my family it's my favorite part.
Ch: That's nice. Let's change email adresses so we can talk sometimes if you want.
Me: That's a great idea. 
Ch: Ok than. Merry Christmas
Me: Merry Christmas
obs:  sper ca nu am scris gresit ceva cuvinte si sper sa te ajute :)
Multumesc.M-ai ajutat super mult :)
nu am recitit. sper ca nu am scris ceva cuvinte gresit :)
cu placere :)