Compunere despre tipul meu de muzica preferat(pop, dance, rap) in care sa folosesc adjective terminate in -ed si -ing. (ex: excited, amazing, boring/bored, relaxing etc) + ex artisti ( artisti: Andra, Delia, Smiley, Inna, Puya, Rihanna, Beyonce,Enrique Iglesias, Sia, Bruno Mars, Eminem). Repede va rooog!



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I like very much rock music. When I listened to this amazing music I start to sing. I love very much the rock bands "MUSE" , "EVANESCENCE" and many others... But MUSE is my favourite band. I think that the others type of music are boring. I'm worried when I listen to them. Last year I went at a rock concert and I was so excited! I'd like to go there again. But it's amusing to listen to chinese or pop music. But I love and I will always love rock music. 
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