Cine imi face va rog un rezumat acestui text? In engleza!
The walls of the room were black with dirt.. There was a table
near the fire. On the table was a bottle, with a lighted
candle in it.
A very old man was standing near the fire. He turned quickly
as the two boys came into the room.
The old man had a beard and his face was ugly and wrinkledl6.
On his head was a hat and his long, dirty red hair hung down his
back. He stared at Oliver with his bright, dark eyes.
There were four or five boys in the room. They were sitting
on old sacksl7. The boys got up and came and stood close to
the Dodger. He whispered a few words to the old man. Then the
Dodger spoke in a louder voice.
‘Fagin, this is my new friend, Oliver Twist,’ the Dodger said.
The old man smiled at Oliver.
‘Very pleased to see you, Oliver, my dear,’ the old man said.
‘Come nearer to the fire, my boy.’
Oliver stared round the dirty room. There was a rope tied
across one corner of the room. Many brightly-coloured silk
handkerchiefsl8 were hanging over the rope.
Fagin smiled again.
‘My handkerchiefs are pretty, aren’t they, Oliver?’ he said.
‘And they’re all waiting to be washed!’
To Oliver’s surprise, all the boys laughed.
Supper was ready. Soon everyone was eating and drinking.
Fagin gave Oliver a strong, hot drink. ‘Drink this, Oliver, my boy,’ the old man said.
Oliver drank. Suddenly, he felt very sleepy. Someone lifted
him onto some old sacks. Immediately Oliver fell asleep.
Oliver woke up late the next morning. The boys were not there.
But Fagin was sitting at the table.



Limba engleză (engleză: English) este o limbă vest germanică care își are originile în Anglia, și care este în prezent limba maternă pentru majoritatea locuitorilor