Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb(s) in brackets.
1 Liverpool?(live)
2 He .... from Poland(come)
3 I .... the guitar.(play)
4 We ...her Spike.(call)
5 What....your mother...?(want)
6 My sort of music(not like)
7 ...all the students...from Spain?(come)

Thanks for help , friend4ever



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1. Do you live in Liverpool ?
2. He comes from Poland.
3.I play the guitar.
4.We call her Spike.
5.What do your mother want ? -sau daca e la trecut pui intrebarea cu did.....
6. My parents don't like my sort of music.
7. Do all the students come from Spain ?
Thanks Neti even helped me that some teachers are nothing in school..:D
You're welcome !!!