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Write a suitable form of the verb to be in the line blanks and a suitable pronoun in the dotted blanks.It's funny how different the children in a family 1__________ even when 2 ................. are brought up in the same way .My older sister ,for example ,is always involved in things in our community .3............... 4____________ very grateful ,of course ,but my family 5 ________a little worried the she's trying to do too much,I, on the other hand ,don't enjoy being with lots of people .Once,I was part of a committee to organise social activities at school .What a mistake !The committee 6___________ so unhappy whith my work that 7................. suggested Ijoined a different group.The new group 8_____________ in charge of organising the school library .This was just my cup of tea and 9................ were very happy whit my work.Finally ,there is my five -year-old little sister.She's a gret acress and needs an audience ;the bigger the audiece ,10 ___________,the happier she is !I guess with two sisters like mine ,I will have to get used to being whith people.


1.are 2.they 3.She 4.is 5.is 6.was 7.they 9.they
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