Imi puteti traduce si mie 6 propoziti in limba engleza va rog mult 1 Sifonierul este langa dulap in dreapta 2 Se afla o pilota rosie pe pat 3 Sub fereastra se afla un calorifel iar deasupra ei se afla 2 tablouri mari 4 Cosul de gunoi este sub birou 5 Se afla 2 scaune in fata mesei 6 Pe podea dupa usa se afla un radio



The wardrobe is near the closet to the right
There's a red blanket on the bed
There's a radiator under the window, and above it are 2 large paintings
The recycle bin is under the desk
There are 2 chairs in the front of the table
On the floor behind the door is a radio (?)
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The wardrobe is at the right of the closet.
On the bed is a red blanket.
Under the window there's a radiator and above it there are two paintings.
The garbage can is under the desk.
There are two chairs in front of the table.
On the floor, behind the door, there is a radio.