Ma puteti ajuta va rog cu o scrisoare informala in engleza va rog in care sa-i povestiti unei prietene o calatorie de doua sau trei zile.In aceasta scrisoare trebuie sa folositi verbele la trecut si adverbe la timpul trecut si evenimente (adica daca ati vizitat vreun loc si daca a fost vreun eveniment) si conjunctii de legatura si in aceasta scrisoare sa includeti urmatoarele cuvinte:first of al; then; after/before(breakfast);after/befoare(that);later; the next day/morning; in the end.Sa fie de 10 randuri de caiet si sa aiba structura unei scrisori in care sa povestiti tot ce ati facut in acea calatorie cu multe amanunte.Si va rog sa nu aveti cuvinte gresite si sa nu fie de pe net pt ca imi trebuie marti cel tarziu, si doamna ne-a zis ca ne da 10 puncte pe aceasta scrisoare dar daca avem multe cuvinte scrise incorect sau greseli multe ne scade 5 puncte din ea va rog ajutatima.Daca ma veti ajuta va voi ajuta si eu, dau puncte multe pentru aceasta scrisoare.



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          Dear X,
    I just came back from Austria yesterday. It was a long fly and when I arrived,I was too exhausted to write to you.
    The trip was awesome , we stayed in a 4 stars hotel , the food was awesome and I have tosay that the hotel deserves 5 stars. I ate for the first time in my life caviar and it was delicious . That restaurant was the best restaurant I have ever been at !Then, when I came back to the hotel I took a shower and I went to bed . Guess what ...  It has water matress !! 
    The next day , I went with my aunt to visit a musem . it was boring ... but she enjoyed. I decided to go shopping  , to see what clothes Austria has. I bought a pair of shorts and they are extremely comfortable ... Also a cute summer dress that is awesome because it has flowers on it and it fits me perfect. 
    The third day I was soo sad because we left.During the flight I slept or I listened to music...Now I'm happy being at home but I'll miss the luxury of Austria.Write me back soon !!
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