Hey am nevoie de o compunere la engleza, de tip scrisoare in care sa folosesc expresile (nu chear toate sa contina macar 2 sau 3) : give me love to your parents, thanks very much for your letter, i got your letter yesterday, write soon, keep in touch, i must stop now and catch the post, hope to see you soon. Astept raspunsurile, pupici :-*



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               Dear X,
      I just got your letter yesterday and I have to thank you for all the good wishes ! And your picture was awesome , you are a real artist . 
      Knowing you will ask me how did I celebrate my birthday , I will tell you from now . It was awesome ! Of course , it could have been better if you were there. I did it at home . My parents bought me that dressI told you about , it fits me perfect ! Jenna and Kamri bought me a pair of headphones , my little brother bought me chocolate ... he's so sweet! Also many other people came with super cute gifts. Thhe party lasted till 7 in the evening and it was great ... If you want to know more , tell me in your next letter. Again , thanks for the paintinting , it was amazing , and ... hope to see you soon !