He is such a well-mannered boy! (E un baiat atat de manierat!)
There is no such thing as love. It is only pain. (Nu exista dragoste. Este doar durere)
Yesterday I met such an intelligent young lady. (Ieri am intalnit o domnisoara atat de inteligenta)
I had such an amazing time with my friends. (Am petrecut un timp asa de minunat cu prietenii mei)
It is such a shame that she cannot use her own style. (E asa pacat ca ea nu isi poate folosi propriul stil)

I couldn't stand her, so I left. (Nu o puteam suporta, asa ca am plecat)
So you tell me that you had nothing to do with that?(Deci imi spui ca n-ai avut nimic de-a face cu asta?)
He is so smart, I think I like him. (E asa inteligent, cred ca il plac)
I am so excited about the new Iphone I have. (Sunt atat de incantata de noul Iphone pe care il am)
He was late so we left without him. (El intarzia asa ca am plecat fara el)


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