Write an informal letter to an English-speaking friend, using the cues in the paragraph plan below to help you.

Paragraph 1: Start The letter

- thank your friend for his/ her last letter.
- apologise for not writing back sooner.

- explain briefly why you haven't written.

Paragraph 2: Give news and information

- give current news about yourself.
- mention your family and friends.

Paragraph 3: Ask for news

-ask how your friend is getting on.

- ask about your friend's family and any other friends you both know.
Paragraph 4: End the letter

- say that you must end the letter and why.

- give your regards to his/ her parents.

- ask him/ her to write soon.



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              Dear X,
      I'm sorry for not writing back to you but I was very busy with school.Our new math teacher gave us a lot of homework this week so I couldn't have time to go outside and play ! Also I had to repeat all the lessons because she gave us a very hard test ... fortunately , I got mark 10 and everything is good now. 
       So...how's going ? Did you come from Austria ? Send me photos ! Did your sister pass the Bacalaureat ? Did your dad get that new job ? THere's so much to tell ! Write me soon , I want to know everything ! Now I'm going to the gym because I'll be late if I don't hurry. Can't wait for your next letter!
                                                                                               Your penfriend,
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