Va rog traduceti acest text in limba engleza:
Intr-o zi de iarna,baronii si cavalerii au gasit in curtea unei biserici din Londra o sabie intr-o piatra. Cel care o scotea era regele Angliei.
In ziua de Anul Nou au venit mii de oameni. Multi au incercat dar nu au reusit. Arthur a incercat si o scoase. El atunci aflase de la tatal sau ca e fiu de rege si ca este adoptat.
Astfel Arthur deveni regele Angliei.



In a winter day, barons and knights found in the courtyard of a church in London a  sword in a stone. The one who can pull off the sword can be the king of England.
In the New Year's Day came a lot of people. Many of them tried but in the end they failed. Arthur tried and he succeed. Then he learned from his father that he is son of a king and he's adopted.
Thus Arthur become King of England.

One winter day, the barons and knights were found in the courtyard of a church in London, a sword in a stone. The one who was King Angliei.In was based on new year's day came thousands of people. Many have tried but failed. Arthur has tried it out. He then learned from his father that the son of a King and that is adopted.Thus Arthur becoming King of England.