Trebuie sa scriu niste propozitii in engleza cu treburile casei , ce ma pune mama sa fac in casa . Si nu imi vin idei in cap!...Ma puteti ajuta va rog?..Trebuie sa fac doua propozitii cu fiecare : can ,must, mustn't si can't....Ma ajutati?



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I can cook and will often help my mother when she's making a meal.
I can also help my father fix certain household electronics, if they happen to break down or work poorly.
I must be careful when dusting, so I don't knock anything over.
I must put the right amount of detergent in the washing machine when doing the laundry.
I mustn't throw anything away without asking my parents first.
I mustn't put any of the dishes away where they don't belong.
I can't move around heavy loads.
I can't do any chores before I finish my homework. 
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