Internet is to communicate in different ways. With it you can know the information and getting to know someone!
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People these days don't see each other that often as they did in the olden days. Back way when, families would get together for holidays and they would be eating dinner or something and the family was always very close to you but now a days families can be miles apart, for ex. one family could live in Mississippi and the parents siblings could all live in a different state and then the parents of all these kids could live in a different state along with the kids, it's just people move all over for work or interest in the state or something and the only way for the family to communicate is to text or e-mail or video chat or anything else that they can do to stay connected to each other. I the olden days families were usually only a few miles away and if they were farther away then the family didn't talk to them that much, unless they visited because they couldn't communicate with them.