Rearrange the words to make questions .
1. are names their what ?
2.are how old they ?
3.are hobbies their what ?
4.born parents were where your ? in is person the who youngest your ? holiday last was when your ? ( multumesc )



1. what are their names old are they
3.what are their hobies
4.whre were born your parents
5.who person is the youngest in your family
6.when was your last family holiday
1. What are their names?
2. How old are they? 
3. What are their hobbies?
4. Where were born your parents?
5. Who is the youngest person in your family?
6. When was your family last holiday? 

In limba engleza enuntul interogativ incepe cu "what, how, where, who, when etc" urmate de verb (in cazul acesta) sau cu verbul ex. Are you a boy? (in alta situatie)