First of all the other girl in the sleeping comportamnet comploired because she didn't have the bottom bunk and then,when she clinbed,up to go bed,she almost stepped on,my face!Later,when Iwwebt to the toilat in the night,Itripped over my shoes(you know how elumsy Iam!)and the noise woke he up.
After that there was a signal failure ner Plynauth and the train stopped for ages.Luckily there was a phone on the train so I was over three hours late when Igot to Newqay.Buit guess what?I met a really nice South African guy at the bus stop ner the station.He's a surfer.He's called Take and he's cool.
I'm starting my holiday job tommorrow so I;m going to relax and take things easy this aftermon.
Wrute soon!



In primul rand , fata din celalalt compartiment s-a plans pentru ca nu a luat patul de jos iar apoi, cand s-a urcat in pat, aproape ca m-a calcat pe fata! Mai tarziu, cand am fost la baie noapte, am facut pe pantofi (stii cat de neindemanatica sunt) iar sunetul a trezit-o. Dupa asta a fost un semnal de urgenta langa plymonth si trenul s-a oprit pentru mult timp. Din fericire era un telefon pe tren deci am sunat-o pe matusa si i-am spus de intarziere. In sfarsit, am intarziat trei ore cand am ajuns in newquay.dar ghici ce? Am intalnit un baiat sud-african de treaba in statia de autobuz. El e un surfer. Il cheama jake si e cool. Incep job-ul meu de vacanta maine deci o sa ma relaxez si o sa iau lucrurile usor dupa-amiaza asta. Scrie curand! Cu dragoste, nicola Cam asa. Am avut si eu asta lol