spending time with my wonderful family
Today we have dinner with my family Astăzi avem cina cu familia mea
I and my family go to the movies
I have a big family
You have a big family?


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My fammily is verry nice.

Traducere:Familia mea este foarte frumoasa.

I have a big fammily.

Traducere:Eu am o familie mare.

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I have a  big family. I have a sister. She 3 years older than me. My mom is a nurse and my father is a driver.my mom name is ________ and she's _____  years old like my dad. I have a great family.

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my family is big /small.My mothers name is ... .My fathers name is... ,I HAVE A SISTER /a brother . I have a grand parents ,i visite hem n the week end .i love my famiily