Once upon a time, there was a small girl. She was always listening to what her parents were telling her.
One day, she said to her parents :
-I heard a lot about an old witch and I really wish to go see her! People say she's got a big house and full of great stuff!
-The witch is an old nasty lady, who makes a lot of nasty things, if you goo see her you won't be our child any more! her parents told her.
The girl didn't listen her parents's words and she went to visit the witch. The old lady welcomed her asking her why she's upset.
The girl answered her:
-I scared a lot because i saw a black guy in front of your house's stairs.
-He was a worker, the old lady answered her.
-Than i saw a green one! she replied.
-He was the hunter!
-Than followed a red one, the girl said to her.
-That was the grocer!
-But the most of all i scared when i looked at the window and i saw a creature with a strange face dressed in your clothes!
-That means you saw the witch's real face! I've been waiting for you for a long time to get the light i needed!
By saying that, the witch transfomed the girl in a tree and put her in the fire. After the tree burned, the old lady sat near the fire saying:
-I feel so good! The fire wasn't that powerful since a long time ago!