Make question and anwers:
1)you\a pupil______________________________
2)your mhoter\an english teacher__________________________________
3)your friend\an actress__________________________________________
4)Lonaeonerdo di Caprio\an actor________________________________________
5)Simona Halep\a tennis player_________________________________
6)a lot of people\outside__________________________
7)the book\on the desk____________________
8)the boys\at the door_______________________________
9)the felt-tip\in the pencil-box_________________________________________
10)the blackboard\in front of the classroom____________________________________
Va rog ajutatima trebuie sal fac urgent



Are you a pupil? Yes, I am.
Is your mother an English teacher? No, she isn't.
Is your friend and actress? No, she isn't.
Is Leonardo di Caprio an actor? Yes, he is.
Is Simona Halep a tennis player? Yes, she is.
Are there a lot of people outside? Yes, there are.
Is the book on the desk? No, it isn't.
Are the boys at the door? Yes, they are.
Is the felt-tip pen in the pencil-box? No, it isn't.
Is the blackboard in front of the classroom? Yes, it is.