1. I saw a movie yesterday.
2. He washed the dishes.
3. She traveled to USA last month.
4. You finished your homework. 
5.  John arrived  from the airport.
6. I found a nice place to swim last holiday.
7. I lived in Paris when i was a child.
8. I studied English in high-school. 
9. I talked with my friends on phone.
10. He played the guitar.
1.She was going at school when her mother phoned her,
2. He was living in London for five years.
3. Alice was eating a cake when john came home.
4. I was watching tv when he was making the dinner.
5. Last night at 11PM i was eating dinner.
6. Yesterday at this time, i was studying.
7. Jake was sleeping while his care was stolen.
8, James was waiting for us when we got off to plane.
9.Sam wasn't studying when you called.
10. Ellen was reading while Taylor was watching tv.
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